Criminal Defence Lawyer

While I am best known for its work in the area of impaired driving/DUI cases, including bodily injury and death.

I handle all types of criminal cases and focus on other Criminal Code charges.  I have handled:

  • homicide cases (including murder and manslaughter)
  • simple assaults
  • spousal assaults or domestic assaults
  • sexual assaults
  • assault with a weapon
  • aggravated assault
  • assault causing bodily harm
  • sexual offences (including luring, invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference, indecent exposure and sexual assault)
  • weapons offences (including firearm, registration and licensing offences)
  • theft, including theft from employer
  • fraud
  •  robbery
  • drug charges 
  • simple possession
  • possession for the purposes of trafficking
  • importation offences
  • dangerous driving
  • driving while disqualified
  • regulatory offences
  • Appeals at all levels of Court